Night of the Demons (1988)

Written by Joe Augustyn, Directed by Kevin Tenney and Starring Linnea Quigley.

Plot: a group of teenagers throw a Halloween party in a house that’s supposedly possessed and then they freak out when it all turns out to be true.


My personal favorite part of this movie is Linnea Quigley as you can see from the picture above. She is gorgeous and fantastic in this movie.

This movie is funny as shit! We love Sal and his plastic slip covers. Of course the black guy wants to leave first hahaha. Why does the bitch have to float?!?!?!

The soundtrack is so amazingly 80’s!! it’s great!! It has a good motive, them being demons and all. It followed rules and has good dialogue, nice acting and good effects, the demons look great. bookuu boob shots too!

We both really liked it and gave it a 71/100.

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