Disaster L.A. (AKA Apocalypse L.A.) (2014)

Written and directed by Turner Clay.  Starring Justin Ray, Jerod Meagher, Stefanie Estes, Ron Hanks, Michael Tabor, Michael J. Sielaff, Dennis Leech and Ali Williams.

Plot: after a meteor shower hits L.A., toxic smoke is released and it turns people into zombie-like creatures – a group of friends fight for survival.


Turner Clay did State of Emergency, which DJ and I loved, so we were very disappointed in this movie.  The plot is thin and we hated the story.  The only reason that most of the friends find themselves in danger is because John (Ray) has to go after his bitch of an ex-girlfriend, Tori (Estes).  And considering it’s a zombie movie, no one actually tries to kill any zombies.  They just practice running from them.  Which doesn’t work.

No one in the movie is particularly intelligent.  Like stop saying, “Hello?!  Is anyone there?”  Because that won’t end well.  And why would you go after the girl who dumped you for another guy and then showed up at your friend’s party with him in tow?  And why are you gonna spend the whole movie yelling at each other?  Like John for instance, the one who put them all in danger, keeps yelling “Shut up, Turner!”  First of all, Turner (Meagher) was the best part of the movie.  He was the only worthwhile character in the whole movie.  Maybe if John had listened to him they would’ve been better off.

So, sad to say, we didn’t like this movie.  We practically hated it.

My score: 23.  DJ’s score: 20.

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