Slumber Party Massacre III (1990)

Directed by Sally Mattison.  Written by Catherine Cyran.  Starring Keely Christian, M. K. Harris, Brittain Frye, David Greenlee, Brandi Burkett, Hope Marie Carlton, Maria Claire and Maria Ford.

Plot: after a weird day at the beach, a group of teen girls decide to have a slumber party and an unknown assailant starts attacking them.


A day at the beach has a girls vs. boys volleyball game and a creeper staring at them from afar that picks up the address book the main girl, Jackie (Christian) drops in the sand.  She also has a stalkery neighbor to contend with, so the killer really could be anyone.  But who?

At the party, the girls play truth or dare until one of them is dared to strip for the others (which girls just don’t do).  As she strips, the girls are scared by the boys, who’ve just shown up, pulling a stupid prank.  So, they get kicked out.  The black guy goes back to apologize while the two white guys go to get the girls presents to say I’m sorry.  Why does this happen?  So that the black guy can die first.  Duh.

When the two other guys come back, they’re welcomed into the house with open arms this time.  Sexy time happens for some of them and you get to see more boobs.  But at some time, the killer has gotten inside the house and the first body is found.  Ken (Frye) starts whining horribly.  I mean, it’s so bad we were just laughing so hard.  This is the second movie of the series that is just so-bad-it’s-good.


Things escalate quickly in this movie.  People start screaming at the drop of a hat.  They even start screaming at each other which takes away the Freddy Claws.  Also, some girls just stand around and watch other girls get murdered, when if they all ganged up on the killer, they could have taken him.

When the motive is revealed, it’s a little cheap.  It’s really not a good reason at all to be killing innocent teenagers.  But the acting is so basic it’s hysterical and the acting is, too.  We definitely enjoyed it better than the second movie.  And DJ even liked it better than the first.  We both recommend.

Our score: 62.

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