The Spell (1977)

Directed by Lee Philips.  Written by Brian Taggert.  Starring Susan Myers, Lee Grant, Lelia Goldoni and Helen Hunt.

Plot: a TV ripoff of Carrie.  Sort of.


This film was made one year about Carrie was released and so much like it, it’s gotten a pretty bad reputation and been swept under the rug.  And we can see why.  The girl in it, like Carrie, is telekinetic, but unlike Carrie, she is rude, spiteful and psychotic from the jump.  Her mother actually loves her and she doesn’t give a shit.  It’s very hard to feel sorry for her just because she’s overweight.  She even had a father in this that we liked.

There is literally a “chant off” in this movie – like a dance off, but with chanting.  The “twist” is not that twisty and we weren’t surprised AT ALL.  There’s all this cheery sunshine music throughout the movie that doesn’t fit in anywhere.  It would have fit better in an episode of Little House on the Prairie.  Also, the ending was bullshit.

It’s unoriginal.  Rules were never established.  And the script was bad.  We cannot and will not recommend.

Our score: 26.

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