The Gravedancers (2006)

Directed by Mike Mendez.  Written by Brad Keene and Chris Skinner.  Starring Dominic Purcell, Clare Kramer, Josie Maran, Marcus Thomas, Megahn Perry and Tcheky Karyo.

Plot: a group of stupid people dance on some graves and piss off the dead.


After the funeral of a friend, Harris (Purcell), Kira (Maran) and Sid (Thomas) decide to celebrate the friend’s life in the graveyard.  And then, at the behest of a card found on their friend’s grave, they dance on some other graves.  STUPID!!!  At this point I’m thinking they all deserve to die because who does that?!

So, a few days later, weird things start to happen at Harris and Allison’s (Kramer) house.  Yes, Allison is Harris’s girlfriend even though he was making out with Kira at the graveyard.  Whatever.  Moving on.

Anyway, at Harris and Allison’s house, doors are opening and closing by themselves, the piano is playing by itself and they’re hearing voices.  Allison thinks it may be Kira stalking them because apparently she has done so before.  But then they go to Kira’s house to confront her and find her beaten to shit, so they figure it wasn’t her.  They also find out that Sid has been having things happen at his place and he believes he’s being haunted.  Paranormal investigators, Vincent (Karyo) and Frances (Perry), are trying to help him through it and eventually agree to help Harris, Allison and Kira as well.


While it’s not fair that Allison gets haunted when she didn’t dance on anyone’s grave, the movie was pretty good overall.  Sure it was the most unrealistic hospital we’ve ever seen, but the scares were good, the cast was good and the story was original.  And Vincent was hilarious, like, the whole time.  We both recommend.

My score: 68.  DJ’s score: 55.

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