Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

Directed by John Poliquin. Written by The Vicious Brothers. Starring Richard Harmon, Leanne Lapp, Dylan Playfair, Stephanie Bennett, Howard Lai, Ben Wilkinson and Sean Rogerson.

Plot: a film student becomes obsessed with the Grave Encounters film and brings his friends with him to the psychiatric hospital in hopes of finding proof it was all real.

Alex (Harmon) wants to make a horror movie that is different somehow and therefore much better than the modern horror films being released. At first, he is critical of Grave Encounters, not completely believing the story. Then, he flips, goes and speaks to Sean’s (Rogerson) mother, discovers he is actually missing and begins believing everything. He even decides that he could be the one to find evidence if he goes to the same hospital Sean and his crew did.

Alex brings his girlfriend, Jennifer (Lapp), his best friend, Trevor (Playfair), Jennifer’s friend, Tessa (Bennett) and Tessa’s boyfriend, Jared (Lai), to the hospital with him. They set up cameras and begin recording sounds as well, just as the crew before them did. They’re so stupid though. Much dumber than Sean’s crew. Less hypocritical, but much, much dumber. For instance, they decide that because they could lose their way in the labyrinthine place, they’re going to leave glowsticks on the floor to light the way. Only, glowsticks do lose their glow after a while making the whole idea rather dreadful.

When things start going to shit, Jennifer and Trevor, who didn’t accept that any of it could ever be real, immediately want to leave. Screw the cameras and the other equipment, they want to go. It’s sad that they become the smartest two because, of course, they aren’t really listened to.

Although the ending isn’t stellar, the script is actually quite good. The actors are very talented, the effects are a pleasure to scream at and many parts are really funny. The Freddy Claws is low, but that doesn’t take away from the scares. And there are scares. The movie was also super realistic because of the actions and reactions of the characters. It’s an enjoyable film overall.

Our score: 68.


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