Alone in the Dark (2005)

Directed by the infamous Uwe Boll.  Written by Elan Mastai, Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer.  Starring Christian Slater, Tara Reid and Stephen Dorff. Plot: based on the video game of the same name, a paranormal investigator (Slater) who left the 713 (a group of paranormal agents/soldiers) because he was tired of "playing by their rules", joins … Continue reading Alone in the Dark (2005)


Ticks (1993)

Written by Brent V. Friedman and Directed by Tony Randel (Hellraiser II, Children of the Night) Starring Seth Green, Alfonso Ribeiro, Peter Scolar, Rosalind Allen, Ami Polenz, Clint Howard and Rance Howard. Plot: a group of troubled teens and two social workers go on a wilderness "retreat" into woods that happen to be infested by … Continue reading Ticks (1993)

Triangle (2009)

Written and directed by Christopher Smith.  Starring Melissa George and Liam Hemsworth. Plot: Without revealing too much - because I will be later - it's kinda about a group of "friends" who go sailing into a storm and after they capsize they end up boarding a creepy old ship that only appears to be deserted If you … Continue reading Triangle (2009)

Ghost Town (2009)

Directed by Todor Chapkanov (who was First Assistant Director of some terrible movies such as Lake Placid 2, Messengers 2 and Wrong Turn 3).  Written by Andy Briggs.  Stars Billy Drago. Plot: a group of students on their way back from a debate contest get stranded in a ghost town after their bus breaks down … Continue reading Ghost Town (2009)

Dead and Breakfast (2004)

Written and directed by Matthew Leutwyler.  Starring a shit ton of cool peeps like David Carradine and his niece, Ever Carradine, Diedrich Bader, Devon Gummersall, Bianca Lawson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Erik Palladino, Oz Perkins, Gina Philips, Jeremy Sisto and Vincent Ventresca. Plot: a group of friends headed to a wedding stop off at a weird … Continue reading Dead and Breakfast (2004)

Rites of Spring (2011)

Written and Directed by Padraig Reynolds. Starring AJ Bowen, Anessa Ramsey and Sonny Marinelli. Plot: Two different kidnappings converge into one hell of a shit storm. I absolutely love the killers weapon this movie and it has great innovation as well, Good acting throughout, we LOVE the blonde girl Rachel, she had the best reactions … Continue reading Rites of Spring (2011)

Night of the Demons 2 (1994)

Written by Joe Augustyn and James Penzi. Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Starring Christine Taylor. Plot: Another batch of hormonal teenagers go to Hull House, where demon Angela is still roaming the halls waiting to kill anyone who comes in. The writer of the original returns for the sequel. Nice reworking from the original. It humors … Continue reading Night of the Demons 2 (1994)