Sorority House Massacre (1986)

Written and directed by Carol Frank.  Starring Angela O’Neill, Wendy Martel, Pamela Ross, Nicole Rio, John C. Russell, Marcus Vaughter, Joe Nassi and Vinnie Bilancio.

Plot: an innocent girl is targeted by an escaped mental patient at a sorority house.


This movie is strange.  The beginning is all in slow motion and it’s about Beth (O’Neill) having bad dreams when she moves into this sorority house.  She dreams that this young man is trying to kill her.  Meanwhile, the young man is in a nearby state facility and he’s dreaming of her.  Finally, the dreams spur him enough that he must escape and go after her.  So, he does (all too easily) and he even stops at a hardware store for a weapon and then steals a station wagon.  Halloween much?!

Apparently the sorority house has been rumored to be haunted.  Because someone killed his family there a long time before the sorority bought the place.  But even after Beth is having her dreams and even after he comes for them, they don’t put all the pieces together.  So, it’s not really a lack of Freddy Claws so much as sheer stupidity.  And possibly a really sad script.


So many people sneak up on other people during this movie and they make you think it’s the killer every time, but it never is.  I suppose that’s suppose to be scary, but it wasn’t.  It was just annoying.  There were some boobs and some likable characters and the acting was awful, but it is terribly flawed.  It had no motive besides mental illness and that’s just not good enough.  We were laughing unintentionally the whole time.

Watch if you want to.  It’s funny at the very least.

My score: 44.  DJ’s score: 34.

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