Night of the Demons (2009)

Directed by Adam Gierasch.  Written by Gierasch and Jace Anderson.  Starring Monica Keena, Edward Furlong, Shannon Elizabeth, Diora Baird and Tiffany Shepis.

Plot: after a wild party, a group of people become trapped in an old mansion with demons.


Maddie (Keena) goes to a party held in an old mansion by Angela (Elizabeth).  She’s hesitant to go though and she’s reluctant to stay once she arrives and sees that her druggie boyfriend, Colin (Furlong) is there.  And if I’m being honesty, Edward Furlong is a lot of the reason I like this movie as much as I do.  If not for him, it’d be a little too gross for me.

I mean, there’s worms and gross boobs.  People come up with the craziest things when they’re not that freaking smart.  Like, iron will protect them from the demons?  Okay, sure, but when did you take your demonology class, Maddie?  Also, the movie is a bit too sexual for me.  If people aren’t having outright sex, they’re doing sexual things or talking about sexual things.

Colin’s a loser.  Angela is crazy even before the demons show up.  The demons are too freaking invincible, too.  Captain Howdy wasn’t this strong and The Exorcist was a far superior film.  But there is some fun stuff that make us recommend it, of course.


The effects are nice.  It’s funny.  There’s a lot of boob shots.  And the dialogue was incredible.  I mean, “No costume, no candy, motherfucker!” is great.

Our score: 62.

PS – The original is even better, but you should enjoy this one, too.

“Maybe ‘pantry’ is French for ‘fucking death trap!'”

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