Girl House (2014)

Directed by Trevor Matthews and Jon Knautz.  Written by Nick Gordon.  Starring Ali Cobrin, Adam DiMarco, Alyson Bath, Elysia Rotaru, Chasty Ballesteros, Alice Hunter, Wesley MacInnes, Erin Agostino, Slaine and Trevor Matthews as the “Hipster Techie”.

Plot: a college student in need of money joins a house that streams X-rated content and a deranged fan begins to stalk and kill her and her housemates.


In 1988, a little girl (Carmen Bicondova, in a small role) teases the shit out of a chubby little boy.  She calls him “Loverboy” and gets him to expose himself by promising that she’ll return the favor.  Only she laughs at him instead.  So, he kills her in a rather gruesome scene.

In the present day, Kylie’s (Cobrin) father has died and things aren’t looking good for her and her mother.  In order to help her mother out with money and to pay her college tuition, she takes a job working in Girl House.  The house streams X-rated content 24/7.  Ben (DiMarco), who’s liked Kylie since kindergarten takes an immediate interest, but so does a grown Loverboy (Slaine).  And when some of the girls in the house decide to make fun of Loverboy, he uses his computer skills to find the supposedly secure Girl House and start a killing spree.


What didn’t we like about the movie?  The fact that Slaine had two stunt doubles, so it clearly wasn’t him running around chasing them the whole time and that hurt realism for us.  Also, while Slaine does an excellent job at crazy, he isn’t sympathetic at all.  The rest of the movie we thoroughly enjoyed though.  There’s boobage and humor (especially from MacInnes who played Ben’s best friend).  It was an original concept, the kills were great and the opening was intense and unforgettable.

Our score: 71.

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