It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To (2007)

Written and directed by Tony Wash. Starring Adrienne Fischer, Alicia Kenney, Oliver Luke and Tom Savini.

Plot: partygoers awaken an evil spirit in a haunted house.

Oh how the mighty Tom Savini has fallen. This horrible movies uses comic book storyboards as frames between scenes. Sara (Fischer), who the movie revolves around, has a birthday that just happens to fall on Halloween and her friends just happen to throw her a surprise party in a house that just happens to be truly haunted by it’s former owner, a poor man’s WWE Undertaker.

Let me just tell you that we did not care if these people died. We did not care for the characters and we did not care for the actors behind them. The acting was horrendous. The movie itself was hysterical though, but only unintentionally. At one point a girl takes a shower and soaps up to some dreamy porn music. At another point there is a comic book montage of people – and one dog – getting ready for the party with not-very-good, “white rapper” music playing throughout. And to really put it all together, the final fight is done in 70’s music style. Because this movie has no idea where it’s going or what it wants to be.

Honestly, we can’t believe we sat through the whole thing. There were boobs, but that’s about it. And all these references pop up referring to better horror movies that have come before it. Like, maybe Mr. Wash should have studied these movies a little more before making one himself.

My score: 18. DJ’s score: 23.

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