Backtrack (2015)

Written and directed by Michael Petroni.  Starring Adrien Brody, Jenni Baird and Sam Neill.

Plot: when psychologist Peter (Brody) begins seeing dead people, he returns to his home town to uncover a horrifying truth about his past


Peter is seeing ghosts.  Not just any ghosts though – all these ghosts seem to have died in 1987.  What’s the connection?  Apparently Peter’s own past.  And he thinks going home is the answer.  So, home he goes and there he uncovers a truth so disturbing it rocks him to his very core.

Well, I had to coax my brother into watching this one.  He doesn’t do Adrien Brody most of the time.  Just something about him DJ hates.  But he liked him in this.  He even started to forget he didn’t like him and just enjoy the film.  That’s how good it is.  On top of that, the mood of the film suggests an ending you’re going to hate, but surprise! – not hateful.

The movie could have been scarier although one scene in particular is quite the jump-scare.  Peter’s quite likable.  A little depressed, but likable.  Also, aside from the satisfying ending, the effects were good and the story was enjoyable.

All together, me and DJ both gave it the high score of 76/100.  Watch it.  It’s almost Halloween after all and good horror is hard to find.

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