Blood Runs Cold (2011)

Written by Sonny Laguna, David Liljeblad and Tommy Wiklund

Directed by Sonny Laguna

Starring Hanna Oldenberg, Patrick Saxe, Andreas Rylander, Elin Hugoson, Ralf Beck and David Liljeblad

Plot: A cannibal turns a retreat into a nightmare for Winona and her friends



Winona (Oldenberg) is a burnt out musician who goes to an isolated house in the dead of winter all by herself. She goes to a bar and meets up with some friends old and new unexpectedly.

Winona makes some poor choices about where to run what to drop and who to call. Also no one seems concerned with strange things they see or hear. The killer doesn’t talk but he screams which is unnerving.

This was a fun watch by it lacked explanation. Points for boob shots but I liked the acting more than Tara.

All in all i really enjoyed it with a score of 76/100, Tara a little less with a score of 63/100. So Dj says watch it for some tna and some cool kills.


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