Mrs. Claus (AKA Stirring) (2018)

Written and directed by Troy Escamilla.  Starring Hailey J. Strader, Brinke Stevens, Helene Udy, Kaylee Williams, Mel Heflin, Billy Brannigan and Ryan Poole.

Plot: a sorority party is stalked by a deranged killer in a Mrs. Claus suit.


The movie opens with a new sorority pledge, Angela (Heflin) getting really harassed by Amber (Williams), a sorority sister.  It’s actually quite nasty what she makes her do.  I’m not even typing it.  Anyway, later on Angela kills Amber and then herself.

10 years later, Amber’s little sister, Danielle (Strader) pledges the same sorority.  She doesn’t believe her sister was as vile as she really was.  She’s really annoying and we didn’t like her.  The only one we really liked was the obviously gay boy that gets hit on by the clueless girl.  Although, we don’t know why he ever came to the party since he thinks Greek institutions should be shut down.


If you’re not catching on by now, it’s a mess of a movie.  The direction is ridiculous.  There’s all these lingering shots that mean nothing.  It’s very cheap, too, and and the writing is stupid.  Also, people take FOREVER to die.  And the specials aren’t cool either, so that’s no good.

There’s boob shots though.  And the Mrs. Claus mask is actually pretty creepy looking.  It’s a shame it wasn’t used in a better movie.

Our score: 10.

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