Hide and Go Shriek (1988)

Directed by Skip Schoolnik.  Written by Michael Kelly.  Starring Annette Sinclair, Brittain Frye, Scott Fults, Sean Kanan, Bunky Jones, George Thomas and Donna Baltron.

Plot: a teenage talks her friends into playing hide-and-seek in a furniture store where a psycho starts to hunt and kill them.


The movie starts when a man in makeup has sex with a hooker and then kills her.  Meanwhile, a group of teenagers are having a graduation party in a furniture store owned by one of their fathers, when they decide to play hide-and-seek.  Side note (and I’m not embarrassed to say this), but I played hide-and-seek with my friends at my own graduation party.  Spooky, right?

Anyway, John (Kanan), whose dad runs the store is really worried about his friends breaking things, so I don’t even know why they are there.  And his girlfriend, Bonnie (Jones) is a horrible person and a horrible actress.  But the killer, who has super strength, soon begins to take care of all the horny teens.  He drowns them, impales them, decapitates them.  And he’s human, so I’m not sure how he can impale someone with a mannequin’s arm, but he can.  When he dwindles the eight down to four, the four realize what’s happening and they go on the offensive, grabbing their own mannequin limbs to fight back.


I’m not going to give the ending away because the killer reveal is just so worth it.  Well, it is to me anyway.  DJ did not dig it.  I thought it was hilarious.  It was really one of the so-bad-it’s-good movies we’re always talking about.  There was a horrible motive, no rules and it was super unrealistic, but it was still so fun.  I recommend it for that reason, but DJ does not.

My score: 48.  DJ’s score: 31.

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