A Happy Halloween 10 must watch movies for the season!

This is my personal list of 10 movies i NEED to watch in October. I’m not numbering these because i just can’t rank them. Some are obvious, some much less so. But these are my holiday favorites, let me know what you think!

trick-r-treat-5108b4cece4c2Trick R Treat— An underrated movie in my mind, some genuine chills and is well made, give it a gander

hellraiser-boxHellraiser, simply one of my favorites of all time so i have to watch it periodically

Friday-the-13th-image-2Friday the 13th. Another favorite, i try to watch the entire series every October.

smileySmiley. A scary movie that doesn’t get near the love and attention it deserves. a rare and frightening slasher movie, watch it!

2jahyx2Halloween series. This is an obvious pick but who can resist Halloween on Halloween?!

ReturnOfTheLivingDead_GROUP2Return of the Living Dead. An absolute favorite of mine. Cheesy fun and the right amount of gore. It makes me laugh and i love Linnea Quigley as the “shy” Trash haha.

ABBOTT_AND_COSTELLO_MEET_FRANKENSTEIN_22x28_r56_RealartAbbot and Costello meet Frankenstein. An undeniable classic that is a ton of fun. You can’t have Halloween without the classic monsters!

Monster_Squad_MonstersMonster Squad. No way you can “bogus” to this irreverent classic. All the monsters are there along with a brand of kid humor that just doesn’t get made today.

14-These-Stephen-King-Connections-Will-Blow             The Stand. The ultimate in good versus evil. Now this is a mini serious of course but it is too good to not include. Mother Abigail is one of my favorite movie characters ever!

nightmare1The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is a must watch for me on December as well as October. A twisted blend of song and macabre that works as well now as when i first saw it years ago. Some of my favorite songs about Halloween ever in this movie.

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